6A: Sprachwoche in Canterbury

Samstag, 14. April 2018 (Ganztägig) bis Samstag, 21. April 2018 (Ganztägig)

In April Mrs Petermichl, our English teacher, and Mrs Hörmanseder, our headteacher, went to England with our class 6a. First we had planned to get our flight on Saturday, but the flight was cancelled so we had to reschedule. After many tries to get another flight, our teachers decided to get to England by bus. So we already left one day earlier, on Friday, and went for a long bus ride.

My hostfamily was very nice and friendly and the food was very good. The Trip to England with the bus was very long but also funny. The teachers in our school were very funny and friendly.
Natalia Ochsner

On thursday, we were greeted with a big surprise: We will travel by bus. After a 19-hour busride we arrived in Canterbury met our hostfamily, got our dinner and went to sleep early. Every evening we took a walk through our settlement, bought some snacks and sat in the park until the sun went down.
Hannah Deshka

England was an amazing experience for me. I got the insight into adifferent lifestyle through our host family and I improved my english there a lot. Also I enjoyed the trip to London a lot because there was so many impressing things to see.
Claudia Königsmayr

I really enjoyed our english week although I was a bit...let´s say surprised that we will travel there by bus. In the end even the busride was very funny and a special experience that nobody of us will forget. My hostmum was a really nice and lovely woman which I was really happy about. The food was nice and my room was really small but very comfortable and cute. But I think the best thing was the trip to London although it was very very hot there. We did a kind of sightseeing-tour and that was really interesting. Like I have already mentioned I rally enjoyed our journey.
Susanna Hager

For me I really enjoyed our trip to Canterbury. It was really surprising because it turned out that we were going to go there by bus. But it was so much fun and it was a really special experience that we will never ever forget. When we arrived in Canterbury our hostmum was really welcoming and super friendly. She took good care of us. Our room was a little bit small but it was lovely decorated and cozy. Like I mentioned before I really enjoyed our trip to Canterbury. It definitely was an experience that I will never forget.
Stella Doktor

I think it was a very great week in Canterbury. It was a new experience to live with another family and nice to see how the live in England. It was also very funny to see, how fast we knew the surrounding and the way to canterbury from our hosthouse.
Laura Pichler

Our trip started with a 19 hours busride to our destination England. When we arrived there we met our host mum, who was very friendly and welcoming. I also really enjoyed our daytrips to Hasting, London and Whitstable. Almost every day when we had no class anymore we met up with our friends and had done something together. Even though we had some troubles in England for example when we were in London and suddenly our train back to canterbury got canceled I really enjoyd our jouney and I will never forget that great experience.
Sophie Lehner